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As a private investigator branding a business, branding from the word "go" is imperative. Hit the ground running. You either love to market your business, or you hate it. I am guessing most fall into the former group. It’s natural, as investigators we’re trained to investigate - and it pays the bills.

Historically, marketing has been about securing facetime and building real relationships. However, in our chaotic lives, it is getting harder and harder to “meet up” with and build solid relationships. This means “alternative” marketing efforts are essential.

"If you get the work to start flowing in, make sure the quality is sufficient to keep it moving."

Maximize Your Branding

It is simple and requires almost no effort. Make sure your logo, slogan, and marketing materials fall everywhere. No one can expect people to just remember their business and conversely, you can’t be always at all places; let your materials be your salespeople.

Business Cards

Always have your business cards everywhere you go. I know, you are thinking who does not carry business cards with them all the time – I will not digress here, but a lot of people fail here. More times than I can count I have asked people for their business card, and they did not have one, but I got a nice napkin with a phone number and a first name.

Business cards do not have to be extra thick, made of plastic, or some special paper to get noticed. They need to be neat, they need to contain all your contact information, and accurately represent the name of your business and image logo, which is it.

Private investigator branding often must cover a broad service offering and business cards are a fantastic way of relaying those services. Give the cards to everyone, you never know who that person knows or where you card may end up. Years ago, I gave a card to a relative, just so they had my cell phone number. A few months went by, and I received a call from the relative’s property owner who was also an attorney. First case was a $24,000 surveillance assignment in Mexico. We vended the case out and managed for the attorney. The attorney and I are friends to this day and the Mexico assignment led to a lot of other work.

Private Investigator Branding for Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that has infiltrated our lives at many levels, some good and as we have seen recently, some bad. Your business must claim all the social media accounts you can using the username that best represents your business.

At the very least, make sure that your social media profile pages accurately depict your business image. Update your background and profile image, make sure your business contact information is accurate and updated (more on this later), and try at least once a month to update the account with a good post. How many times have you gone to a business Facebook profile and saw the last post was four years ago? Does not give the prospective client the “warm an fuzzies”, does it?

Not sure what to publish on your Page? Here are three quick ways to connect with your base:

  1. Publish a status update, photo, or video. See these Page posting tips for ways you can share your story with others.
  2. Update your profile picture and cover photo and fill out the About section completely. (Idea: Change the profile image with the seasons.)
  3. Add a button so people can take an action, like book an appointment, directly from your Page.

Private Investigator Branding for Websites

Your company website is your “virtual” store front. Like a regular physical storefront, you need the proper signage, space for the customers you would like to serve, point of sale, and proper follow up.

More than 85% of all Internet users begin their buying searches and research online; therefore, a well-constructed website can prove to be invaluable. For instance, using the right color scheme, words, and layout on a web page can greatly increase traffic. To ensure that your company’s website appeals to your customers, follow these three simple steps.

What’s your catchy slogan?

Businesses become known for various qualities, shortcomings, and slogans! The only one that is a foregone conclusion is your slogan.

Businesses should have a catchy and clever slogan consumers’ associate with the businesses brand and ultimately, the quality of their product or service. Your slogan is frequently paired with the business’s logo, that potential customers see when they land on your website.

Private investigator branding success can be measured heavily on maintaining a consistent message across all brandable platforms. Businesses must place their brand clearly and plentiful across their website.

User-Friendly Websites

Nothing angers a web-surfer more than delays because of a complicated or poorly formatted website. A website should be easy to navigate and search. Websites that fail to provide users with a good UX will suffer with low loyalty and traffic numbers.Also,48% of consumers think that websites with poor design are an indication that a brand cares little about its client’s.

A good first impression is everything. Your website should be as professional, organized, and ready for clients as you are. Additionally, the quality of your website may also dictate the types of cases you receive from the public, or whether or not you receive any at all.

Wrapping Up Private Investigator Branding

Your business reflects you, and your brand represents your business. As a private investigator interested in general assignments (anything and everything), your image should be professional and adaptable. However, and conversely, if you specialize in one area of the investigation industry, your brand should reflect that specialty discipline approach.

Many of the tasks mentioned here can be done for little to no cost with some research and effort. There are even SaaS websites that will, with your input, build out all of your marketing materials for online usage. Private investigator branding ideas can be captured for reuse with Relay That ( Relay That will turn any team into a marketing machine by instantly converting “brand guidelines” into consistent, and high performing images. And their slogan, “Small efforts = BIG presence!”, short and effective.

Another popular site for do it yourselfers is PixTeller ( On their website, PixTeller brings life to your ideas and uses “pre-designed graphic templates” to turn words, photos and illustrations into marvelous images and animated videos in minutes. They also have free design tools to create, download, share - anytime, anywhere and blow your readers away with beautiful visuals.

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